Top 5 tips for traveling with braces!

Now the summer holidays are here with the prospect of visiting exciting places and getting out and about we thought we would share a few tips with you.

1. Think about your packing

If you are planning to be away for a length of time, make sure you have everything you need to see you through your trip. Think about how many elastics you might need and if you think you might run short, pop into the practice and we’ll happily give you some more. Make sure you pack everything you might need including some extra wax.

2. Think about what you are eating

When traveling it’s tempting to try new foods and this is certainly one of the highlights of visiting new countries and experiencing different cultures but you still need to make sure you avoid anything too hard, crunchy or chewy or there is a risk you will break one of the brackets or wires. Getting this sorted out whilst you are away might be more difficult and expensive so best avoid the problem if at all possible. If you do experience a problem, give us a call and we will let you know if you need to do something about it or whether it can wait until you are back home.

3. Think about your oral health

It’s just as important to keep your teeth and braces clean whilst away on holiday so make sure you thoroughly clean your teeth and braces at least twice a day using toothpaste and interdental brushes to get around the brackets and wires. If you would like some advice about oral hygiene because you are visiting a country where this might be more challenging, just ask us for advice.

4. Think about your routines

We all like to relax and do things a little differently whilst away but make sure you maintain your routines to keep your treatment on track. If you are wearing Invisalign, try to keep wearing them for 22 hours per day otherwise you might delay your treatment. If you are wearing a removable brace, it will be tempting to wear it a little less whilst you are away but this will slow down your progress so please keep up the good work and wear it as we have asked you to.

5. Think about your appointments

If you are scheduled to have an appointment with us whilst you are away, just give us a call and we will happily rearrange it for you. If you are planning to be away for the whole summer (lucky you!), it’s best to visit us just before you go away so we can make any necessary adjustments and ensure you’re good to go!

Finally, take plenty of photos and don’t forget to share them with us on Instagram, we love seeing all the exciting places you visit. Maybe we should have a photo board at the practice with all the places our patients and their braces have visited, what do you think? And send us a postcard!!


To Dr Wood and all the dental nurses. Thank you for all you have done.



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