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Damon Braces

If you are thinking about getting braces and you like the idea of a fixed brace and are happy with metal brackets, Damon Braces are the solution for you. To hold the archwire in place, each bracket has an innovative clip mechanism avoiding the need for elastic rings. This is the brace favoured by a good number of our adult patients as they get the benefits of a fixed brace working 24 hours a day with the added benefit of a self-ligating brace that gets the job done.

The Damon brackets are very small and comfortable and you will adapt to wearing your brace very quickly. Some of our patients choose Damon Clear for their top teeth and Damon metal braces for their bottom teeth as these will be covered by the lip and less noticeable. Both brackets use self-ligation which means the archwire is held in place without the need for elastic rings which can stain if you are not careful.

Is treatment with Damon braces expensive?

With prices starting from just £2499* for Damon brackets and generous payment installment plans, we think orthodontic treatment is more affordable than it has ever been. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in your long term oral health not to mention the confidence a great smile gives you.

What about retainers?

At the end of treatment, it is important that you wear a retainer or all the hard work will be undone. Braces move the teeth into the ideal position but retainers are used to keep them there! Without retainers, teeth can start to move back, this is called relapse, so wearing retainers after treatment is important if you want to keep your amazing new smile. The cost of retainers is included in the treatment fee so that’s one less thing to have to worry about.

How do I get started?

Just give us a call, use the enquiry form or visit the practice to arrange a free consultation. We look forward to welcoming you and getting you on your way to having an incredible smile.

*single arch only



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Can I talk to someone who has had braces as an adult2019-06-12T20:38:17+01:00

Yes, several of our team have had braces or are undergoing treatment and they will be delighted to talk to you about their experience.

Can I get treatment at the same time as my child2019-06-12T20:38:44+01:00

Yes, it’s great when several members of the family get braces at the same time. You can attend appointments together, share in the experience and celebrate your amazing new smiles together!

Are your consultations really free2019-06-12T20:39:07+01:00

Yes, we make no charge for our consultations as we feel you should have the opportunity to explore treatment options without having to worry about paying a fee

Do you offer payment plans2021-05-19T05:33:05+01:00

Yes, we offer 0% Finance.

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We love receiving testimonials from our wonderful patients. Here are just a few that will give you an insight into undertaking treatment here at East Midlands Orthodontics

"I came to the East Midlands Orthodontics having previously visited two other practices and upon hearing amazing testimonials from three friends. East Midlands were 'by far' the most professional orthodontist....I would highly recommend this practice above all others. You get an honest practical answer to all your questions. Just don't waste your time going anywhere else!"


"I was slightly apprehensive about getting braces in my 40's but can honestly say that I'm so glad I did. Dr Wood and his team have transformed my smile and I feel more confident now than I ever have"


"I had orthodontics as a teenager but my teeth moved again in my 20's. I came to East Midlands Orthodontics and in 12 short months my treatment was finished and I'm delighted with the result. Thank you!"

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