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The clear alternative to fixed braces

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is incredibly popular with over 7 million patients worldwide choosing the get their teeth straightened with this innovative brace. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners which are almost invisible to gently move your teeth to the desired positions. You wear each aligner for around one week and then change to a new aligner to progressively move your teeth.

With the aligners being removable, you can continue to eat and drink whatever you like throughout treatment and they can be easily removed for occasions when you would rather not wear them. To complete treatment quickly, it is recommended that you wear the aligners for around 22 hours per day and many of our patients find this easy to achieve.

With the aligners being completely clear and very discreet, no one will know you are wearing them so Invisalign really is one of the best options for those who would rather keep their orthodontic treatment private.

Here some great reasons to consider Invisalign:

  • They are very effective at straightening your teeth for the majority of patients

  • Invisalign is comfortable to wear with no scratchy wires or brackets

  • They are removable so you can continue to eat your usual diet without having to worry about damaging your brace

  • The clear aligners are almost invisible so no one know you are having your teeth straightened

  • You get to enjoy your straighter teeth throughout treatment as there are no brackets or wires hiding your progress

  • You get to see an animation of the tooth movements and finished result before starting treatment

  • You can have a series of refinement aligners to give you a perfect final result

Invisalign aligners

If you decide to undertake your orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, we will send your scan to Invisalign who will produce a digital record of your teeth. Skilled orthodontic technicians will use software to individually move each tooth towards the desired final position and from this, a clin-check video will be produced that will enable you to visualise every step of your treatment.

Once you are happy with the proposed plan, Invisalign will manufacture a series of clear aligners for your treatment. The number of aligners you need to wear will depend on the amount of tooth movement required. Towards the end of treatment, we will assess the progress you have made and we may order a series of refinement aligners to get you the perfect end result.

What is Invisalign treatment like?

The best way to answer this is to let you know what patients have told us about their Invisalign treatment. When you first get the aligners, they will fit your teeth quite snugly and you will feel them quite tight. This feeling soon wears off and although your aligners should never be painful, the gentle pressure they apply to your teeth will start them moving. Within a few short days, you will hardly know you are wearing them which is an indication that your teeth have started to move. The next set will again feel quite tight but this time you will be aware of what to expect and not notice it anywhere near as much. Some patients get a small lisp when they first get Invisalign but this soon wears off and no one will be able to tell you are wearing Invisalign.

How do I get started?

Simply give us a call to book a free consultation and we’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions about Invisalign. With prices starting from as low as £2034*, there’s never been a better time to get started!

*Invisalign Lite Single Arch (14 aligners)



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Do you have a treatment coordinator?2021-05-19T05:28:35+01:00

Yes, Holly is our treatment coordinator and she will look after you throughout your treatment.

How do I keep Invisalign clean2019-05-27T16:15:45+01:00

You should brush and rinse your aligners every day when you clean your teeth. It’s also worth using an aligner cleaning solution such as RetainerBrite (available from the practice) a couple of times a week to keep them clean and hygienic.

What happens if I lose a set of aligners2019-05-27T16:12:52+01:00

If you lose your next set, just keep wearing your existing ones and let us know so we can order you a replacement.

What can I drink whilst wearing Invisalign2019-05-27T16:11:42+01:00

You should only drink water whilst wearing Invisalign otherwise you risk staining or damaging your teeth. Think of it as encouragement to adopt a healthy lifestyle!

What is IPR2019-05-27T16:09:16+01:00

Sometimes it’s necessary to create a tiny amount of space between teeth to allow them to move to their final position. To do this, we gently file between the teeth using a fine abrasive strip. This process is called IPR. It is painless and only takes a few seconds.

Do I need to remove my Invisalign before eating2019-05-27T15:23:34+01:00

Yes, if you eat whilst wearing Invisalign, you risk damaging the aligners and getting food wedged between the aligner and your teeth which might cause oral hygiene problems during treatment.

What is a Clin-check2019-06-12T20:19:25+01:00

A clin-check is an animation provided by Invisalign showing all the tooth movements that will take place during treatment. We use it to help support the planning of your treatment and you get an opportunity to review the finished result before you have even started treatment!

What are attachments2019-05-27T15:12:06+01:00

Attachments are small tooth coloured dots of composite material we may need to place on some of your teeth to help the aligner grip to the tooth to achieve a specific movement

Can I get treatment at the same time as my child2019-06-12T20:38:44+01:00

Yes, it’s great when several members of the family get braces at the same time. You can attend appointments together, share in the experience and celebrate your amazing new smiles together!

Are your consultations really free2019-06-12T20:39:07+01:00

Yes, we make no charge for our consultations as we feel you should have the opportunity to explore treatment options without having to worry about paying a fee

Do you offer payment plans2021-05-19T05:33:05+01:00

Yes, we offer 0% Finance.

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"I came to the East Midlands Orthodontics having previously visited two other practices and upon hearing amazing testimonials from three friends. East Midlands were 'by far' the most professional orthodontist. Considering I was a private patient rather than an NHS patient they left me feeling the money I was about to commit to was going to get me what I wanted and wisely spent...I would highly recommend this practice above all others. You get an honest practical answer to all your questions. Just don't waste your time going anywhere else!"


"I was slightly apprehensive about getting braces in my 40's but can honestly say that I'm so glad I did. Dr Wood and his team have transformed my smile and I feel more confident now than I ever have"


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